Next Generation Architecture

What is next generation architecture?

  • On-premise infrastructure based on virtualization with Kubernetes orchestration running in virtual machines
  • Public cloud infrastructures running virtual machines
  • Public cloud infrastructures running Kubernetes
  1. Linux containerization and the ability to have portable workloads packaged in an open container initiative (OCI) format
  2. Intelligent application services such as big data analytics, high-performance computing, machine learning (ML), deep learning, and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • What will the on-premise infrastructure of the future look like?
  • Will it continue to be dominated by virtualization or will the push toward containerization move this infrastructure toward Kubernetes.
  • And if Kubernetes is the future, does bare metal make a comeback in the data center?

Use Cases for Bare Metal Kubernetes

Will this work?

  • Can bare metal OpenShift be deployed easily and is it stable?
  • Can it scale?
  • What is the cost profile?
  • Can I manage my virtual machines using my existing automation approach?
  • How do you enable high-availability when shared storage is not an option?
  • What do I lose with removing the virtualization layer?




Lt. Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat

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Brian Dumont

Brian Dumont

Lt. Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat

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